Teryx Diff Speed Limit Bypass

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The Teryx Diff Lock Speed Limit Bypass (SLB) has a factory installed look with the "No Speed Limit" symbol on it which bypasses the 15mph OEM Diff Lock speed limiter. It Is a dash mounted 100% Plug and Play control switch.
No Drilling No Cutting.
This switch replaces the OEM switch and is for use with OEM electronic actuator. It has the same 3 positions, 2WD, 4WD, and  Diff Lock. But when this switch is put into the Diff Lock position it automatically removes the speed limiter and our Diff Lock Bypass LED lights up.    
                                                                                                                                                                    The Diff Lock Speed Limit Bypass (SLB) feature is standard with our Teryx Sure 4 Combo Kit which replaces the unreliable OEM electronic actuator. It includes our Sure 4 Manual Actuator and has the custom console mounted 2WD 4WD Diff lock twin sticks shifter. The Diff Lock SLB engages automatically when you shift the manual lever into diff lock.  No need to turn a knob

“See Our separate listing for The Teryx Sure 4 Combo Kit $479.”              

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