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Note: All Brute Force, Prairie products also fit the 2004 Suzuki LT-V700F and similar vehicles.

The Quick View Video, and installation video listed above, are the same for this kit and the Ultimate Package which includes the Kebc Delete wire harness which is not included in this kit. That is the only difference. Though not required, the addition of the Kebc Delete Wire Harness would get your 4WD display lights functioning normally, and has other benefits.                   

The Sure 4 Manual 4WD Actuator, and The Tank Lever with 4WD and Front Differential Lock Levers, eliminate all troublesome electronics required for OEM 4WD Actuator.                                                                                                   

The Tank Lever housing and Sure 4 Manual Actuator housing, and housing cover, are made of anodized aluminum, and tastefully engraved with our company "Knight" logo. Other components are made of Stainless Steel and various high quality materials. The Tank Lever comes complete with 2 custom heavy duty adjustable cables, and an LED indicator light to show when your differential is locked in, and with the addition of the Kebc Delete Wire Harness it uses the Existing 2WD 4WD Display Light Indicator to show when you are in 2WD or 4WD. The Sure 4 Manual Actuator  also comes with a new Collar, "O" Ring, and Pin. Our low profile Sure 4 Actuator housing allows more room for high lifts and oversized tie rods. The unit has a lifetime warranty.               

The Brute Force, Prairie ,Tank Lever plus Sure 4 Manual 4WD Actuator Combo Kit at $384.98 gives you a savings of $50.00 off our regular prices if purchasing each item separately. The Tank Lever is $149.98. The Sure 4 Manual Actuator is $285.00.  These items bought individually cost $434.98. 

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