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Our Kawasaki Brute Force, Prairie Electronic KEBC (Belt Actuator) Delete Wire Harness with Hella Waterproof relay allows you to remove the Kawasaki Electronic Brake Control and your engine will function normally and not go into a limp mode.

It is also designed to be as simple to install and remove as possible. No cutting wires, No splicing wires. Just Plug it in, and Unplug it if you want.

Our Belt Switch Bypass Kit is now included with this kit for FREE! A $13.98 savings!

Installation instructions: Take your seat off, find the 4wd control box (pictured in video), plug our adapter into the 4wd control box and then plug the original OEM connector into our adapter. Done! On 2012 and newer Brute Force the 4wd control box is located under the front fender plastics.

You can either leave, or remove, your Braking Actuator when you install our KEBC Delete Plug and Play Kit. Your Brute Force, Prairie will function properly either way. The choice is yours.

It also works well with our Sure 4 Manual 2WD 4WD Actuator. It reroutes the wiring through our proprietary Weatherproof Connector and gets your 2WD 4WD indicator lights on your display to function properly again.

As the name implies, you simply plug it in, and you’re done, on your way. You can remove it at any time having had no permanent effect on the vehicle or any warranties.

The Kawasaki Brute Force, Prairie Electronic 2WD 4WD Display Light Wire Harness, and KEBC Delete Proprietary Connector, uses a quality Hella Brand 12V Relay, and is made to be as waterproof as possible, both having rubber gaskets at the connections.

This Complete Kit includes the Electronic 2WD 4WD Display Light Wire Harness, KEBC (Belt Actuator) Delete, and KEBC Hole Cover Kit. A savings of $24 if bought separately.

The Actuator Hole Cover itself is a Beautiful Black Anodized Aluminum Cover, Etched with our unique "Knight" Logo.

It comes with 2 Stainless Steel Screws for the Cover, an O-ring to prevent water from getting in, and a Stainless-Steel Button Screw for the third screw hole.


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