Brute Force - Prairie Sure 4 Combo

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 Brute Force - Prairie Sure 4 Combo

  • Fits: 
    • All Brute Force / Prairie / 2004 Suzuki Twin Peaks LT-V700F
  • Includes:
    • Sure 4 Manual Actuator
    • Hand lever with mounting hardware
    • Pull Cable with O-ring
    • KEBC Delete Wire Harness
    • Aluminum Hole Cover Kit
    • Belt Switch Bypass
  • Description: 
    • This kit will get your 4WD working again no matter what, and your display lights will work! This kit eliminates all electronics required for your 4WD.  The Sure 4 manual actuator replaces your faulty electronic actuator.  Our Sure 4 is controlled with the supplied hand lever and pull cable.  Simply squeeze the hand lever and press the tab to lock into 4WD.  Squeeze the lever again to release the locking tab to return to 2WD.  Functional, reliable, and comes with a life-time guarantee! 
    • This kit also comes with our KEBC Delete wire harness and hole cover kit.  The KEBC delete gives you the option to remove your OEM KEBC.  This will ensure your vehicle will never go into limp mode again.  You also need the KEBC delete kit installed in order for your display lights to function properly.
  • Installation:
    • All of our products are completely plug and play, no cutting, no drilling and no splicing wires!  Check out the installation video above.

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