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Teryx Diff Lock Speed Limit Bypass (SLB) 100% Plug and Play dash mounted control switch. This switch replaces the OEM switch but adds an additional position, the diff speed limit bypass, (SLB), position. Plug and Play. No Drilling No Cutting. For use     with OEM electronic actuator. This switch adds a 4th position, 2WD 4WD Diff Lock and DIFF LOCK SLB, and SLB LED light Indicator. .                                                                                                                                                                                     
This product is also available with our Sure 4 Teryx Manual 4WD Actuator which has the custom console mounted 2WD 4WD Diff lock shifter. In that case the Diff Lock speed limit bypass switch looks different than this one. It is a single illuminated push button set in a similar black aluminum plug and play mount. See our Teryx Sure 4 Ultimate Kit to see it exactly

The switch has a factory installed look with the "No Speed Limit" symbol on it. It comes complete with our wire harness and LCD, (Limit Control Module),which would bypass the 15mph speed limiter. The Teryx Sure 4 Manual 4WD Actuator eliminates all of the hard to diagnose electrical problems and actuator replacements forever. It is  waterproof and has a lifetime guarantee.

The Diff Lock Speed Limit Bypass, and Teryx Sure 4 Manual Actuator are both 100% Plug and Play. NO drilling, NO cutting. They are sold either separately, or together as the "Ultimate Kit". The Teryx Sure 4 Manual 4WD Actuator is $449. The Teryx Differential Speed Limiter Bypass, Wire Harness and PC Board is $159. The "Teryx Sure 4 Ultimate Kit" includes both and is $549.                  

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