Honda Sure 4 Ultimate Kit

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   Honda Sure 4 Ultimate Kit

  • Fits: 
    • All Honda Foreman - 2014 + up
    • All Honda Rubicon - 2015 + up
  • Includes:
    • Sure 4 Manual Actuator
    • Side Shifter with 2WD/4WD/Diff Lock
    • Display Lights Assembly
    • Pull Cable
    • Mounting brackets
    • Parts Bags with Plugs and Hardware
  • Description:
    • Never have 4WD issues again!  The Honda Sure 4 Ultimate Kit combines all of our best products/upgrades into one custom package.  This kit eliminates all electric components associated with your OEM 4WD system.  Our Honda Ultimate Kit comes with all of the best upgrades for your manual 4WD conversion!
    • There are 2 versions of this kit depending on whether your vehicle has a “High-Low Gear Selector”.  Please make sure to select the appropriate option. 
    • The Sure 4 manual actuator replaces your faulty electronic actuator.  Our Sure 4 is controlled with the supplied Side Shifter.  When you squeeze the knob and shift into 4WD or Diff Lock the stainless steel pull cable will rotate the Sure 4 actuator and shift your differential.
    • Your display lights will function properly with this kit.
    • Please Note: NEVER FORCE YOUR SHIFTER!  When the gears inside the differential are lined up, the lever will easily slide into position You can switch into 4WD and Diff Lock while moving slow (5 MPH MAX!) and turning your handle bars.
    • Functional, reliable, and comes with a life-time guarantee!
  • Installation:

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