Prairie 360 Platinum Kit

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Quick View of the Ultimate Kit:

  • Fits: 
    • Kawasaki Prairie 360, 2002-2006 Models ONLY
  • Includes: 
    • Sure 4 Manual Actuator
    • Tank lever with Pull Cables
    • Prairie 360 Belt Light Bypass
    • KEBC Delete wire Harness with Hole Cover
  • Description:  
    • Combine all of our best products into 1 package for your Prairie 360.  Our Prairie 360 Platinum Kit is the top of the line manual 4wd conversion kit. Get rid of all those faulty electronics and never have a 4wd issue again!  
    • Included with this kit is our upgraded “Tank Lever” shifter.  Features a 2wd/4wd shift knob and also a Diff Lock shift knob with Yellow LED indicator light.  
    • Your display lights will function properly with our KEBC Delete Kit.  You can also remove the KEBC actuator and never go into limp mode again!
    • Functional, reliable, and comes with a life-time guarantee!
  • Installation:
    • All of our products are completely plug and play, no cutting, no drilling and no splicing wires!  Check out the installation videos below.

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Prairie 360 Belt Light Bypass FULL installation video:

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